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Ethics Statement
Ethics statement

At the Townhouse on Sixth, our clients come first. We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest ethical standards – above and beyond industry norms or what is required by law. Our strict ethical guidelines ensure that Townhouse resident-clients receive the care and treatment that is best for them. At the Townhouse, there are no hidden fees, no high-pressure add-on services, no paid referrals, and no false promises or sales pitches. These are our promises to our clients:

  • The Townhouse on Sixth does not pay for referrals, period. All of the Townhouse’s client referrals are based on reputation, native advertising, and word of mouth. We don’t pay rehab and detox facilities to suggest our services, and we don’t pay for phony recommendations from pay-to-play “rehab review” sites.
  • The Townhouse on Sixth does not make unrealistic promises of a so-called “permanent cure” or “easy” recovery. Recovery from alcohol and drugs requires dedication and hard work. We will never guarantee a client’s recovery because recovery is an inside job: you only get out of it what you put into it. We can’t make our clients stay sober, but we do create a nurturing environment that encourages long-term, successful recovery through hard work and custom-designed individual recovery programs.
  • The Townhouse on Sixth’s monthly fee is all-inclusive – no hidden fees, no add-on services. We don’t have upgraded “Cadillac plans” that promise better results for an additional fee – The Townhouse doesn’t play the “spend more, get more” game. Our monthly residence fee covers all necessary expenses and in-house services detailed in each client’s individual recovery plan. Services from outside providers such as doctor’s visits, therapy, psychiatry, and outpatient treatment programs are NOT included in the Townhouse on Sixth’s monthly residence fee.
  • The Townhouse on Sixth is not reimbursed or compensated for referrals to outside services. Sometimes Townhouse clients require a third-party service like a Sober Companion or Sober Transport services. The Townhouse will refer clients to trusted third party providers, however we are not rewarded or compensated in any way for these referrals.
  • The Townhouse on Sixth only receives payment for the duration of a client’s residency. As sad as it makes us, sometimes a client “drops out” before the end of their program, violates a cardinal house rule, or has a family emergency that forces them to cut their stay at the Townhouse short. Should a client leave the Townhouse before the end of their payment period, we will pro-rate their fee and reimburse any remainder based on the number of days left in the month (based on full price), minus a 7-day administrative fee.

Recovery is a full-time job. So when it comes to ethical business practices, the Townhouse doesn’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. These ethical practices are crucial to building a healthy, trusting environment for our clients, so that their recovery can grow and thrive, one day at a time. The Townhouse on Sixth is committed to putting the needs of our clients first, every time.


  • Dawn Marie Gallagher, Owner of the Townhouse on Sixth

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