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Grieving Sober

Using the Tools of Recovery to Cope with Loss   Even in recovery, losing a loved one is a painful fact of life – but that pain doesn’t have to last forever.   Feelings are and addict’s worst enemy. In active addiction, we used alcohol and drugs to avoid negative feelings. We spent years hiding from our feelings and burying them under mountains of substances. Rather than deal with reality, we hid in the bottle or popped a few pills to feel better. Now sober, we’ve learned to live life on life’s terms, without the crutch of drugs and alcohol.

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Welcome to the Townhouse on Sixth

Welcome to the Townhouse on Sixth blog!   The Townhouse on Sixth is a boutique-style sober living in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Over the past few years, recovery from alcohol and drugs has become a booming industry. This has led to the proliferation of for-profit sober houses all over the US. Most of these houses function similarly to college dorms, providing residents with a bed and a roof over their heads, but without much in the way of on-site assistance for residents. While we’re technically a sober house, the Townhouse on Sixth isn’t like those other houses. Instead of cramming in

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Rejected Amends

We spend our 9th step making amends to those we’ve wronged, but what happens when someone won’t accept your amends?   Those of us in recovery know addiction is a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease. The desperation of addiction makes us say things we don’t mean, and do things we would normally never dream of doing. In the throes of our addictions, we hurt nearly everyone around us – family, friends, lovers, spouses: no one is exempt. The wreckage caused in active addiction can leave lasting damage that isn’t easy to repair. The 9th step amends process is a crucial part of

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