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Sober Living for Women
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A positive, inspirational environment for women in recovery.

The Townhouse on Sixth is an upscale boutique women’s sober living environment nestled in the heart of Park Slope South, Brooklyn.

Women in recovery have unique challenges that only another woman in recovery can fully understand. Created by women, for women, the Townhouse offers guidance, support, and structure– in a peaceful, serene environment that feels like home.

The Townhouse on Sixth offers the highest level of support, care, and safety for our clients. With comprehensive, custom-tailored programs, the Townhouse gives women in recovery the tools they need to lead a healthy, successful, sober life.

Custom Tailored Care

With only 4 resident clients, a high staff-to-client ratio, and dozens of recovery services available, the Townhouse on Sixth delivers the highest level of personalized care.

Peaceful and Serene

The Townhouse is a calming, holistic environment designed for the sober woman. Experience a comfortable, modern living space that offers a daily reprieve from the chaos of the outside world.

Luxurious Living

Enjoy comfortable soundproof rooms, home-cooked, nutritional meals, private outdoor zen garden, housekeeping and laundry services, monthly gym/yoga memberships, and more.

How We Do It

Living at the Townhouse offers opportunities for life skills training, physical fitness, recreation, academics, job support and everyday living and enjoyment while out sourcing clinical services so that all recovery needs are met.


Relax and recharge in a calming, holistic environment designed specifically for women in recovery. With dozens of luxury amenities, the Townhouse on Sixth will feel like your home away from home.


There is no one size fits all approach to recovery – every sober woman has her own unique hopes, dreams, goals, and challenges. The Townhouse on Sixth offers individual recovery plans, custom-tailored to help clients achieve their personal goals – and conquer their greatest challenges.

The Townhouse on Sixth provides clients with the tools necessary for building long-term, meaningful recovery. Our experienced staff is there every step along the way to a new sober life. From daily guided meditation, to fitness and health coaching, to long-term recovery plans, the Townhouse staff is here to help our clients live a life filled with laughter and the joy of recovery.

Individual Case Management

Live-in case managers are available 24/7 to help clients coordinate care with outside providers, set individual goals, and create a long-term plan to achieve lasting sobriety.

Experienced Sober Managers

Women in recovery have unique challenges that can only be fully understood by another woman who’s been there. Our live-in managers are women in recovery with years of successful sobriety.

Health & Wellness

Successful recovery requires a healthy mind, body, and soul. The Townhouse offers complimentary gym & yoga memberships, guided morning meditation, assistance coordinating medical and mental health appointments, and more.

Extended Services

Let’s face it: some days you have a million errands to do, but you just CAN’T. When leaving the house feels like it may lead to a relapse, the Townhouse offers extended services like sober companionship and sober rides so you can reach your destination safely.

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